Sunday, December 14, 2008

PJ and Bible (How King David killed his son according to PJ)

We know that Satan is father of lies, so what else can we wait for from his servants than lies?

PJ gives us perfect example, lies PJ systematically spread against Madeleine's parents were so absurd that for their insanity was no limit any more. PJ just fabricated all kind different theories that they could use against Madeleine's parents to blacken them. Typical Paedo-tom-tom:

This image shows all those "evidences" PJ had (I found this image some time ago and it was so stupid that I have to copy it)

We already know that Martin Grimes concentrated only to Madeleine's parents car (there was Madeleine's poster in the car, so Martin Grimes knew whom car belongs to) His dog was not interested in Madeleine's parents at all, but Martin Grimes called dog back so many times until it barked and "found something". If it was not framing, what was?

But most absurd is this PJ's accusation that Kate's Bible was vital part of evidence against Kate McCann because her bible laid open at the page where David killed his son.

David killed his son?

This proves how Bible was totally strange book for PJ and how they only fabricated these accusations against Madeleine's parents.

Because David never killed any of his son.

David's son Absalom really rebelled against his father and David sent his army to find Absalom but not to hurt him (2 Samuel 15:5. It was Joab, David's commander who murdered Absalom against David's order.

David's lament over Absalom shows the depth of a father's love over the loss of a son as well as regret for personal failures which led to family and national tragedies.

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