Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tongeren-man and PDL-man

  • I found this article. It is Google translation from dutch:

Maddie in Tongeren was Sjanneke

Tongeren - Without realizing it himself, the father of Sjanneke Hofstede (3) the study of the in Tongeren on a terrace identified Madeleine McCann ceased.

Like more than forty other owners of a black Volvo with registration VUV in our country was also forced Ed Hofstede Hoogstraten from the beginning of this month a call from the police. "She wanted to know if I had been in Tongeren weekend. On the assumption that I weekends only in Riemst was, I said no. " About the investigation into the missing British toddler Maddie was no mention in that phone call. Ed Hofstede there was also not a second thought. Until Friday, he was again confronted with the police. 'They had anyone seen my car to the restaurant Pause in Tongeren. Then came my frank: that restaurant was in Tongeren and not in Riemst as I thought. " According to Ed Hofstede he never intentionally delayed the investigation. ' "I have simply never stopped that Saturday that a link was established between Maddie and Sjanneke."

According to Ed Hofstede his entire story is simple. "I was on Saturday, July 28 to pick up my daughter with my ex in Riemst. ' Then something we are going to drink on a terrace. The day after he was moved to the opsporingsbericht (?). "I have read none themselves. ' But if you brave citizen leg with yourself no link with a criminal. " Also robotfoto similarities between himself and he is not. 'Was that me? He seemed rather at a Dalton (laughs). "

Meanwhile, all the puzzle pieces cases. Ed Hofstede drank the bottle Fristi of his daughter empty. That explains the male DNA on the bottle investigated. And the kindertherapeute who told that 'Maddie' strangely did, was right. '"My Polish girlfriend who was also Saturday. She speaks English and for her it was her first encounter with Sjanneke. ' My daughter was indeed what awkward. "

The police van Tongeren said to be glad that they finally able to shut down the slopes. (bjm) (BJM)

And from second article:

"The kindertherapeute alarm that hit, had also told the police that the girl was strange. And that the woman spoke English in their company. Ed Hofstede: 'Now is the puzzle together naturally. This Saturday met my daughter for the first time my new girlfriend. She comes from Poland and thus speaks English. ' Sjanneke was just awkward and shy. "

There are many strange things:

1) Police found Sjannekes father only because they had tracked him down by his car number plate, black Volvo with registration VUV.

2) Police called to Ed in the beginning of August (he was among 40 owners of Black Volvo with registration VUV in Belgium) and wanted to know if he had been in Tongeren weekend, but he first said no. (Ed: "She wanted to know if I had been in Tongeren weekend. On the assumption that I weekends only in Riemst was, I said no. " ) Couple of weeks later, when police called again and said they have seen his car to the restaurant Pause in Tongeren, he remembered he has been there. There is about 6 miles between Riemst and Tongeren.

3) Ed's girlfriend who spoke english and (as they said) met Sjanneke first time was polish! (Michaela Walczuch is polish too!)

4) Why child therapist was 100% sure, that girl was Madeleine. I mean Sjanneke don't resembles Madeleine so much, that you could say Sjanneke is 100% Madeleine (You could say 80-90%, but NOT 100%). Sjanneke has a round face and she's got mole on her chest. Child therapist works with children and sees lot of children in her work, how could she mistaken in this way?

5) Ed Hofstede drank the bottle Fristi of his daughter empty. Or maybe he drank this yoghurt drink to cover Madeleines DNA?

It is possible child therapist saw Sjanneke and her father, but it is possible too that child therapist saw MADELEINE!

I just ask some questions, because there is VERY STRONG link between photofit of Dutchman and photofit of PDL-man.

"Briton Alex Murray, 60, recognised the man from the photofit image drawn up by police in Belgium. He spotted the Dutchman in Praia da Luz near the time the four-year-old was snatched.

The utilities worker from Newbridge on Wye, mid Wales, said the man was “hanging around” the Jasmin Cafe – less than half a mile from the apartment where Madeleine was taken.

“When I saw the picture I recognised him straight away,” Mr Murray told the Daily Express.

“It just jumped off the page when I saw it.”

Mr Murray said: “He would always be in there talking to the bar staff and hanging around some of the people using the internet in there. He didn’t strike me as being on holiday because he never seemed to wear holiday garb.

“Sometimes he was in there with a woman I thought was in her 30s.”

Child therapist also said little girl was accompanied by a "swarthy-looking Dutchman" in his 40s and an English-speaking woman in her 20s.

Maybe swarthy-looking Dutchman in Belgium and swarthy-looking Dutchman in PDL really are one and same man? Maybe he sometimes used wig and false moustache in PDL?