Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kate's dream

Hope it comes true.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New image about playgroundman's hand:

There is really something special in his right hand like a deep scar.

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Nobody has told yet, what this GNR officer/Murat's friend was doing there before Madeleine's abduction.

So what is his name and what he was doing there?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madeleine McCann possibly eaten by Portuguese pigs.

I just can't understand how anyone can believe this rubbish that Joana's mother was guilty.


Madeleine McCann possibly eaten by Portuguese pigs

There are no paedophile networks in Portugal, but a precedent case: Joana Cipriano would have been chopped to pieces and given for the pigs to eat.

Five Portuguese police officers, among which Chief Inspector Amaral who is leading the McCann inquiry and Chief Inspector Pereira Cristovao, now columnist for the "Diario de Noticias" and presumed "source close to the police" that divulgates inviolable secrets of the McCann inquiry, where charged in June with torture upon Joana's mother, omission of evidence and falsification of documents, we learn with three months delay.

Joana Cipriano, aged 8, vanished, on September 13, 2004 from a village, a few miles away from where Madeleine McCann has vanished. A few days later, her mother would have had the strange idea of confiding to her lover, while they were at judicial police headquarters, that she had an incestuous relationship with her brother and that they had killed the little girl.

Leonor Cipriano was arrested on November 14, 2004. The police officer leading the McCann case, the one presumed to divulgate the secrets of the inquiry and others, took turn to interrogate her two days and to nights running, leaving her only two hours rest. Her body and face was a mass of bruises by then and she had "admitted" having murdered her daughter. She retracted as soon as she met her lawyer the next day. She would have tried to commit "suicide" by "throwing herself down stairs", according the police.

Joana Cipriano
Little girl who would have been eaten by pigs.

The uncle of the child, who has an intelligence level considerably lower than the average, according to his lawyer, had in a video taped "confession", also deprived of his fundamental right to a defence.

This led to sentence Leonor and João Cirpiano to sixteen years of prison for having chopped the child in pieces, and then given her for the pigs to eat, according to the "Gazeta Digital", without explaining why neither the police nor the sniffer dogs ever found her bones in the pigsty, nor protest on the middle-aged methods to obtain "confessions"

(Can you see how portuguese drawer have drawn breast for 8-year old girl?)

Joana's stepfather, whose accusation had been essential to the ondemnation, according to the Resident", has recently told the "Evening Standard":-

"Joana's mother never did anything and she was arrested. I am fearful the same thing will happen to Kate McCann. Whenever I watch the news it reminds me of Joana. It is hard."

The Portuguese "Gazeta Digital" accuses the British Medias, surprised of the charges weighing on the one leading the McCann inquiry, of "destroying the reputation of an experienced CID Chief-Inspector", as if it were completely normal a woman be kept awake and interrogated during 48 hours, or beaten-up by a "stairs" with fists and feet, whereas she is deprived of the right to a defence that is guaranteed by the European constitution.

Leonor Cipriano's reputation would be perfectly respected by this report that assures she has chopped Joana and fed the pigs with her body, while forgetting to add that the key witness whose testimony has sent her to prison is now assuring she never did anything.

It is remarkable to note that the "Diario de Noticias", employs one of the co-accused and publishes without shame information that belongs to the so-called "inviolable" secret of the McCann inquiry. It is the "Diario de Noticias" who, as soon as a serious lead to a network had appeared, which has revealed the sniffer dogs found blood in the apartment of the McCann's, that the police suspected the McCann's of murder, then that they had tapped their telephone. A sensational diversion based on thin wind, which will lead to a new denial of fundamental right: that of the freedom of expression.

Indeed, it happens that Portugal prefers to maintain national laws in violation of European laws, rather that to adapt to democracy. It simply requires to a police officer to declare a person "arguido", without necessity of the least evidence of guilt, to ban victims of the right to talk, thus to defend their honour and even to prove their innocence in public.

Portuguese justice and police, who are used to victims without means and of a condescending press, are now outraged the McCann can afford private detectives to search for what they cannot find... or would it be what they oppose to be discovered?

The head of Portugal's criminal police federation said that Portugal does not have legislation in the area and private detectives who intervene in criminal cases cannot exist, according to "The Telegraph".

In normal democratic countries, it is the law that defines what is legal or illegal, and not the gaps in the law. The state monopoles are banned in Europe, which requires a unilateral application, more especially in police matters, in view to oblige state polices to do their duty, rather than allowing them to smother the facts.

The European Parliament might be interested in these countries that impose Europeans, serial contravention to its laws. Meanwhile, Portugal turns out to appear a country not only a very dangerous to live in, but also very dangerous to go on holidays, more particularly in Algarve, where children vanishes, thirteen by dozen.

- People can there can be maintained in prison on an accusation of having chopped a child to pieces and given her to feed the pigs, when three years later; the main witness assures they haven't done anything;

- Tourists can be accused of murdering their child without evidence, and denied the right of searching for them, as it is the role of a police, which proves to be unable to do so.

- Former senior officers can become "sources close to the police", allowed reveal the secrets of unfinished inquiries and harm the reputation of victims, whereas the victims are threatened of prison if they say a word to the same press.

The question is now raised on the export of Portuguese pigs, as Europeans may not be imposed the risk of consuming pigs fed with children.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I had this vision at 26th of November.

I rested on my sofa in the afternoon and tried to get some sleep, because I was so tired.

My eyes were closed and then I saw in front of my eyes how there was Madeleine's special eye on left side (it was like magnifying glass) and on the right side there was cross.

Then they both slided together and Madeleine's special eye straightened too when I saw them together it was like celtic cross.

At same time happened something strange, there was floor lamp behind me (there is four halogen lamps in it), and I saw how this lamp became brighter and brighter until it was very very bright and suddenly it went out. I believe that some kind of short circuit took place, because the web access broke at same time. (I noticed it afterwards)


But I don't know what was source of this vision.

I know God speaks in many different ways, but was this God's speak or was this vision from dark side, I really don't know. But I'm christian and I believe in Jesus Christ that's why I'm so confused about it.

I don't either know if this was any kind of real vision, maybe I imagined and it was coincidence there was short circuit at same time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Madeleine's voice:

This new video is so moving, she is so cute and funny little girl and it was so special to hear her voice first time. It is so heartbreaking to think she is still missing. How could they dare to steal innocent sleeping child her from her bed and separate her from her family. I just can't understand how there can be such badness and such monsters in the world but I know they have to pay back one day what they have done to her and for other children, sooner or later.

Jesus protect her and bring her home, wherever she is. She needs her parents and sisters.

It is time to bring Madeleine home.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ralph Eveleigh talks about "missing kid":

RALPH EVELEIGH, ROBERT MURAT'S UNCLE: I'm just dumbfounded. I just, you know, really don't get a grasp of what's going on. It's shocking as far as I'm concerned. He's a lovely guy. I mean, his mother says that they - on that night the kid disappeared - they were both in the house together all night.

Ralph Eveleigh is Murat's uncle (Sally Eveleigh is Ralph Eveleigh's wife and Sally Eveleigh is Murat's aunt (or cousin...this is a little bit messy)

But they both defended Robert Murat very much and were sure Murat has nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance. What they really knew about it? How could they be so sure?

My native languate is not english, but for me it sounds a little bit cold to talk about "missing kid".

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PJ and Bible (How King David killed his son according to PJ)

We know that Satan is father of lies, so what else can we wait for from his servants than lies?

PJ gives us perfect example, lies PJ systematically spread against Madeleine's parents were so absurd that for their insanity was no limit any more. PJ just fabricated all kind different theories that they could use against Madeleine's parents to blacken them. Typical Paedo-tom-tom:

This image shows all those "evidences" PJ had (I found this image some time ago and it was so stupid that I have to copy it)

We already know that Martin Grimes concentrated only to Madeleine's parents car (there was Madeleine's poster in the car, so Martin Grimes knew whom car belongs to) His dog was not interested in Madeleine's parents at all, but Martin Grimes called dog back so many times until it barked and "found something". If it was not framing, what was?

But most absurd is this PJ's accusation that Kate's Bible was vital part of evidence against Kate McCann because her bible laid open at the page where David killed his son.

David killed his son?

This proves how Bible was totally strange book for PJ and how they only fabricated these accusations against Madeleine's parents.

Because David never killed any of his son.

David's son Absalom really rebelled against his father and David sent his army to find Absalom but not to hurt him (2 Samuel 15:5. It was Joab, David's commander who murdered Absalom against David's order.

David's lament over Absalom shows the depth of a father's love over the loss of a son as well as regret for personal failures which led to family and national tragedies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


MTV's christmas video really upsetted me, this video was satanic message from MTV-Italy, transmitted during the Christmas-time 2007/2008. And they sacrificed little blond girl for Satan. Message was very clear.

So they use TV-channels to transmit their messages.

I have written some of my Madeleine-dreams before. I have seen four of them.

I don't usually see nightmares, but among them was nightmare:

Third dream was 3.12.2007 and it was nightmare (usually I don't see
nightmares). In dream loud voice said to me, that they are going to
crucify or sacrifice Madeleine, this innocent child on the TEMPLE
MOUNT in Jerusalem (where is al-Aqsa) Dream was very, very
strong and I woke up. It was terrible. I hope it´s not true.

I must say, that I don't know what is source of these dreams, that's why I'm so careful with them. But I think this dream was some kind of warning. There usually are not voices in my dreams and this dream I really heard this loud voice:

Do you remember how they showed Madeleine for all the world in Brussels.

I think it was some kind of organized show, they wanted to show Madeleine for some people. You can see how there is men around this woman and child and how they are guarded all the time and how they walk very quickly to one place and turn back. They are not going anywhere. Yes it really was show and girl was Madeleine, I believe. They really use TV-channels and media to spread their messages:

Jesus Christ, bless and protect little Madeleine, this innocent little girl, wherever she is.