Friday, August 29, 2008

My dreams about Madeleine:

I have seen 4 short dreams about Madeleine, they were all like images. Very short, very clear.

First dream was in beginning of November 2007. In dream there was middle-aged woman and man standing in the front of apartment house (5 stairs and they were standing in front of A-door) Woman shouted very loud voice CASA LILIANA!

Second dream was in November 2007. I saw in dream this ship R/V
Naomi Corlett (You remember Shrimpton's document: Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by a paedophile ring linked to the covert German DVD intelligence agency...) I saw a ready made puzzle which represented this ship. The ship was blue-orange-white (lower part was orange, upper part was blue and there was little white somewhere)

Third dream was 3.12.2007 and it was nightmare (usually I don't see
nightmares). In dream loud voice said to me, that they are going to
crucify or sacrifice Madeleine, this innocent child on the TEMPLE
MOUNT in Jerusalem (where is al-Aqsa) Dream was very, very
strong and I woke up. It was terrible. I hope it´s not true.

4th dream was in May 2008. Man was standing on the doorway and was holding 2 white cats and both of them were injured (but they were saved). Bigger cat was holding smaller cat, whose injuries were more serious. But they were both alive. It was very moving dream.

Monday, August 4, 2008

“Can we see mommy soon?”

They were returning to Spain and they stopped at Marrakesh, for the night of May 8 to 9.

Early in the morning, they drove their car to Tarifa, to catch a ferryboat back home. They stopped at a gas station to buy some water and that was the place where Mrs Mari Olli says she saw Madeleine. This is the report that she sent, by email, to British Police, after she tried, without success, to give the information to Spanish Police.

“At the petrol station next to Hotel Ibis Palmeraie in Marrakesh (Address, Avenue Abdelkrim Khattabi) Wednesday 9th of May, about 10 am, I saw the girl inside the shop. She was wearing clear blue pyjamas. Some pattern on the top, trousers little darker. Don’t think the trousers had any pattern. She was very small. Under 1 meter. She was with a man.”

“She was standing alone, the man about a meter from her. I looked back at her, she was very sweet. And it was a strange situation because the man didn’t look like her father. And it’s very strange to see a blond small girl standing alone in Marrakesh. She was very small and normally you would hold her in your arms or at least her hand. And he was turning away from her.”

“She looked sad. I looked at her face, she looked at me. Then she turned to the man and said something that sounds like: “Can we see mommy soon?” I am not sure if he reply. I turned around to pay my things, two bottle of water and some hygiene serviettes. I went in our car, looked for if they had a car, but could not see any special. I wanted to tell my husband, but he was busy with the driving to catch the ferry from Tanger to Tarifa. I didn’t know about the missing child at that time. Because I had not watched the news, when I was on holiday.”

“I saw the news on Thursday the 10 of may, in the evening. Then I remember what I saw in Marrakesh. I started to phone the police, Spanish and English. The Spanish police didn’t want to talk to me. I talked to the English (Police). Friday morning I gave my report to Katy Peters from Scotland Yard. She said someone was going to phone me. But I have not heard anything. I have emailed them and phone them several times. But no response. I am very worried and very sure this was that girl. Her face is very special. And that situation was very strange!”

“My mind is on this situation all the time, and I need to know if someone is looking into my report. I am sure the two Moroccan men inside the petrol station can confirm my seeing as well.”

“If I can do anything more to help, PLEASE let me know!

Mari Olli”

Norwegian mum-of-two Marie, 45, lives on the Costa del Sol with her British husband and visited Marrakech last week.

She saw the girl there at about 10.20am on Wednesday May 9, at a petrol station next to the Ibis Palmeraie Hotel.

At the time, she had not heard about Madeleine's disappearance.

A man stood nearby and the girl turned to him and asked in English: "Can I see mummy soon?"

Marie said: "She looked sad. When the man saw me looking at them he turned away, so I couldn't see his face."

When she got back to Spain, she heard about Madeleine's disappearance and said she was "physically sick with shock".

On Friday May 11, she contacted Scotland Yard, Portuguese cops, Leicestershire Police and Crimestoppers.

She was told someone would get back to her but yesterday - exactly a week later - she still had had no reply.

Marie, who used to stay in Leicestershire, where the McCanns live, said: "I am very sure it was Madeleine. I think it's very strange that the police haven't contacted me again. I phoned the Spanish police about 20 times.

"We then phoned Leicestershire Police, who took my report and said it was a 'very strong observation'. But since then nobody has phoned me back."

She said the girl was wearing pale blue pyjamas with a pink and white pattern. The man was in his late 30s, had dark brown hair and wore jeans and a T-shirt. He was English-looking.

Asked about the tip, a Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: "We are receiving a large volume of calls about Madeleine from the UK and abroad.

"We are not prepared to comment on individual lines of enquiry because we do not want to prejudice the Portuguese police operation."


This is 5th key sighting.

Yes, it is possible to have time from Nelas to Marrakesh in 16 hours, if Nelas sighting was true.

Mari Olli's sighting is most heartbreaking and I believe it is true. I believe she really saw Madeleine. I feel so big pain for that small lost girl. How may they have wrenched a small girl from her family. It is impossible to believe, there is such an extreme evil in this world.

4th key sighting 8.5.2007 Nelas, six hours north of the Algarve resort of Praia Da Luz

Roads cut into a mega-police operation to hunt the man. Children have been seen in a hypermarket with individual who appears to be English. IP3 and A25 blocked. Witnesses say that girl is equal to the photos released

Madeleine McCann have been seen by an employee and a customer of a hypermarket in Nelas. Levada by the hand of an individual to look English, Maddie has tried to hold up several times, until they entered a British Peugeut of registration, with the steering wheel to the right, which took off at high speed.

The two witnesses alerted the authorities, who have already blocked the A25 and IP3, towards Bangkok - Vilar Formoso. In that PortugalDiário found at the Radio On Air and source of Civil Protection There is a mega-operation mounted police in hunting the man. In the National Road 238, the GNR has elements of the Guard in the route.

Source also said that the PortugalDiário witnesses believed that the girl is similar to the images released by the media over the last five days. The child, according to witnesses, entered the Pingo Doce of Nelas, accompanied by a man, and then in Écomarché. Several customers who found the girl similar to the photographs published in the press and gave the alert. The individual left the establishment with the child to the pass and started up car.

After alerting authorities, the Judicial Police is already in possession of video surveillance tapes from the commercial area, not allowing journalists to view the images recorded by security system.

The possibility of small Maddie have passed through There is the matter of days in the county.

Again british car and probably british man. Peugeot? Maybe it was white Peugeot small van?

"Witnesses have come forward to say a man has been seen in a white Peugeot small van with two windows, hanging around the apartment. At one point he was parked at the back of the apartment, where Madeleine was sleeping. Another sighting was the van parked in a nearby car park. Several sightings of this man."

Police hunting for Madeleine McCann are trying to trace a man seen near her holiday apartment at the time she was snatched, Sky News can reveal.

Crime correspondent Martin Brunt said he was spotted near the flat at the Praia da Luz complex around the time the four-year-old vanished nine days ago.

"We don't know how significant it is, but there are several reports of a man hanging around the apartment on the day she disappeared or perhaps the day before," he said.

"One report suggests he was sitting in a small, white van. Police have got a good description of the man: about 5ft 8in tall, between 30 and 35, not Portuguese according to one of the witnesses, wearing a blue jacket and white trousers."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

3rd key sighting: 4.5.2007 petrol station near Lagos, hours after abduction

THE CCTV SUSPECTS Missing Madeleine McCann could have been snatched by two men and a woman in a British car, police believe. The three suspects were caught on CCTV at a petrol station near Praia da Luz, where the tot vanished last Thursday - raising fears she was kidnapped to order by a gang of perverts. And a witness last night told detectives he was certain one of the trio was the same man who took photos of his daughter on a nearby beach three days earlier.

A police source said: "This CCTV footage from the garage was fed into the investigation after a worker there expressed suspicions about the way the people were acting.

"We have a witness who claims he recognises those people from an alleged incident a few days earlier.

"The man took a picture of the suspect on his mobile phone, we are looking at that.

"Unfortunately, the lens was partially obscured by his finger, but it could prove useful." The Portuguese witness, who lives in Germany, told officers the suspect fled in a car with another man and a woman after the incident on Sagres beach, 16 miles from Praia da Luz.

Staff at the petrol station called police after a "foreign-looking" blonde in her 40s came in with a child matching Madeleine's description. Witnesses said she tried to make the girl say thank you in Portuguese, but she refused and looked uncomfortable. The child was not visible on the footage, but the number plate was yellow and black - as in Britain.

A man who fled with a blonde woman after photographing young girls, a few days before Madeleine vanished, drove a car with British number plates. They might be the same "British" couple caught on CCTV at a petrol station at Lagos, near Praia da Luz, hours after the abduction.

Accounts about the petrol station CCTV images vary - but the latest version suggests that a blonde woman who was in her 40s and not Portuguese was seen with two men in the petrol station before leaving in a car with British number plates.

The footage is reportedly being shown to every new witness who comes forward with information and the 24 Horas newspaper suggested yesterday that a witness who spotted a foreign man - possibly British and accompanied by a British woman - photographing his daughter in Sagres, also near Praia, identified one of the men on the CCTV as the photographer

An earlier account of the petrol station had a woman with a girl fitting Madeleine's description.

The woman was said to be urging the little girl to say "thank you" to staff but the child appeared reluctant.

All three have been quizzed by police about the disappearance of Madeleine amid suggestions that they could match CCTV images taken from a petrol station.

More details:

CCTV of a woman and two men with a girl matching Madeleine's description at a nearby petrol station is being analysed. Their car had British number plates.

Sky News understands that the man who forms part of the couple has dark skin and dark, collar-length hair with a middle parting. He is 1.75m tall.
He speaks English, has small glasses and was wearing a white shirt and beige trousers.

The woman is slightly shorter with long, blonde hair. She speaks English.
(Wig again?)

The other man is tall, well built, middle aged with a full face. He has straight, collar-length dark hair and was scruffy and unshaven, with greying stubble.
He also speaks English, was carrying a military-style backpack and was wearing a shirt with jeans and waistcoat.


So what we have, two man two men and a woman in a British car and they all spoke english. Woman was foreign-looking" blonde in her 40s came. Another men was quite short/dark skin/small classes and another one was tall, well built with a full face.

Witness who spotted a foreign man - possibly British and accompanied by a British woman - photographing his daughter in Sagres, also near Praia, identified one of the men on the CCTV as the photographer. (1st Key Sighting)

2nd key sighting, on the night of Madeleine's abduction

Police are also reported to be investigating a report of a blonde woman seen near Madeleine's bedroom window on the night of her abduction. One newspaper quoted an anonymous shopkeeper who said that they had driven past the woman and startled her. "I was moving past in my car when I saw this woman next to the window," said the shopkeeper, who would not be named. "She was startled. I'm from Praia and I'm used to foreigners. I know this woman looking through the window was a foreigner.

He said woman. Yes, it is possible one of abductors was woman and maybe she wore blonde wig before an abduction in order to disguise herself. It is always possible too Jane Tanner saw woman not man. Before abduction she was blonde woman with wig and after abduction she took her wig off and was like dark man.

Something in sketch reminds me about woman.

Seems like abduction of Madeleine was very well planned, so abductors propably used all kind of ways, like wigs, to hide their real identity.