Wednesday, December 10, 2008


MTV's christmas video really upsetted me, this video was satanic message from MTV-Italy, transmitted during the Christmas-time 2007/2008. And they sacrificed little blond girl for Satan. Message was very clear.

So they use TV-channels to transmit their messages.

I have written some of my Madeleine-dreams before. I have seen four of them.

I don't usually see nightmares, but among them was nightmare:

Third dream was 3.12.2007 and it was nightmare (usually I don't see
nightmares). In dream loud voice said to me, that they are going to
crucify or sacrifice Madeleine, this innocent child on the TEMPLE
MOUNT in Jerusalem (where is al-Aqsa) Dream was very, very
strong and I woke up. It was terrible. I hope it´s not true.

I must say, that I don't know what is source of these dreams, that's why I'm so careful with them. But I think this dream was some kind of warning. There usually are not voices in my dreams and this dream I really heard this loud voice:

Do you remember how they showed Madeleine for all the world in Brussels.

I think it was some kind of organized show, they wanted to show Madeleine for some people. You can see how there is men around this woman and child and how they are guarded all the time and how they walk very quickly to one place and turn back. They are not going anywhere. Yes it really was show and girl was Madeleine, I believe. They really use TV-channels and media to spread their messages:

Jesus Christ, bless and protect little Madeleine, this innocent little girl, wherever she is.

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