Thursday, November 27, 2008


A toddler has been hailed a miracle after getting a set of keys lodged in his brain. Nicholas Holderman fell on his parents' car keys. One entered his eyelid and penetrated his brain

The accident happened on September 2 2008.when Nicholas Holderman, 20 months, was playing at home with his two elder brothers.

Somehow he managed to fall on to his parents’ car keys, one of which pierced his eyelid and penetrated deep into his brain as these X-ray scans reveal.

The youngster spent six days in hospital after being helicoptered to the medical unit.

Doctors initially believed his right eye had been ruptured.

Medics were able to remove the key during surgery without Nicholas suffering any damage to his brain.

But then doctors found a quarter of an hour later that his eyesight hadn't been damaged after all.

And now he has fully recovered and has perfect vision, his family says.

'Fifteen minutes later for another [doctor] to say nothing was wrong, we knew it was a miracle from the Lord', Chris added.

Staci said: 'Everyone will say, 'Which eye is it?' 'We all grin and look at him and are so thankful and are reminded every day of what a miracle it truly is.


I just can't believe this.

One Key pierced his right eye and another penetrated deep into his brain and now after two months his vision is perfect and nobody can see which eye it was.

This really was a miracle from the Lord.

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