Monday, November 10, 2008

From Gerry's Blog

Just yesterday I looked at Gerry's blog and I noticed last note was written in August, but after that this text was appeared:

Day 556: 09/11/2008

A difficult week for Kate and me ended on a positive note last night. Monday was the 3rd of November- 18 months since Madeleine was so cruelly taken from us. We do not usually put a lot of store in specific milestones - these being just another day without Madeleine. This week was unusual in that both Kate and I were feeling low at the same time, which is an uncommon occurrence, and we can usually rely on one of us lifting the other.

We continue to work very hard behind the scenes. Our support team has been expanded as we try to identify what has been done, what has not been done and what can still be done to help find Madeleine. We are not yet halfway through the Portuguese files but there is less information within the files than we were expecting. As I have stated many times, someone has a key bit of information that can unlock this frustratingly difficult and painful situation.

Yesterday we went through to Liverpool for a Race Night organised by the Greenhills Taverners Society- a group who organise fundraising events for local good causes- along with family and friends. On this occasion all proceeds were going towards Madeleines Fund. Around 200 people turned up and everyone enjoyed a good night. Liverpool and Everton donated signed shirts which were auctioned and with tickets and a raffle around £2000 has been raised. A taxi driver, taking home some of our friends, even got in to the spirit of things by donating his fare to the fund. Well done everyone and thanks for all the messages of support prayers- we left Liverpool in much better spirits than when we arrived!


You have suffered all too much. God bless both of you Gerry and Kate and all your children. You both are on right way and I can only surprise how God have given you unbelievable strenght. God's plan are always bigger than we ever know, Satan never wins.

I pray for Madeleine and I know prayer is most effective weapon we have, it is straight link to God. We don't know answers yet, why God allowed all these terrible things to happen, but someday we will know.


Anonymous said...

something keeps going round and round in my head, but it may have been misleading media info. Did Gerry have a vision while he was praying in the church of many tunnels leading in many directions. Could this have been a specific vision from god relating to the tunnels running beneath Praia de Luz? My prayers are with Kate & Gerry every day.

Minnea said...

I remember very well Gerry's vision and it is often in my mind.

I think Holy Spirit showed strong vision to him, I think it tells us that in the middle of the evil Lord takes His plan to the end. God wants to save millions of people. And we must remember that the state of Israel would not have been born without Holocaust, as horrible as it was. The plan of the God are always bigger than Satan's plan.

I believe that we are now going through the times of the end and it is amazing to see how God takes His plan to the end in the front of our eyes.