Friday, August 29, 2008

My dreams about Madeleine:

I have seen 4 short dreams about Madeleine, they were all like images. Very short, very clear.

First dream was in beginning of November 2007. In dream there was middle-aged woman and man standing in the front of apartment house (5 stairs and they were standing in front of A-door) Woman shouted very loud voice CASA LILIANA!

Second dream was in November 2007. I saw in dream this ship R/V
Naomi Corlett (You remember Shrimpton's document: Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by a paedophile ring linked to the covert German DVD intelligence agency...) I saw a ready made puzzle which represented this ship. The ship was blue-orange-white (lower part was orange, upper part was blue and there was little white somewhere)

Third dream was 3.12.2007 and it was nightmare (usually I don't see
nightmares). In dream loud voice said to me, that they are going to
crucify or sacrifice Madeleine, this innocent child on the TEMPLE
MOUNT in Jerusalem (where is al-Aqsa) Dream was very, very
strong and I woke up. It was terrible. I hope it´s not true.

4th dream was in May 2008. Man was standing on the doorway and was holding 2 white cats and both of them were injured (but they were saved). Bigger cat was holding smaller cat, whose injuries were more serious. But they were both alive. It was very moving dream.

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Daniele said...

Hello from Canada!

What a great site.
I hope Madeleine is found soon.