Monday, August 4, 2008

4th key sighting 8.5.2007 Nelas, six hours north of the Algarve resort of Praia Da Luz

Roads cut into a mega-police operation to hunt the man. Children have been seen in a hypermarket with individual who appears to be English. IP3 and A25 blocked. Witnesses say that girl is equal to the photos released

Madeleine McCann have been seen by an employee and a customer of a hypermarket in Nelas. Levada by the hand of an individual to look English, Maddie has tried to hold up several times, until they entered a British Peugeut of registration, with the steering wheel to the right, which took off at high speed.

The two witnesses alerted the authorities, who have already blocked the A25 and IP3, towards Bangkok - Vilar Formoso. In that PortugalDiário found at the Radio On Air and source of Civil Protection There is a mega-operation mounted police in hunting the man. In the National Road 238, the GNR has elements of the Guard in the route.

Source also said that the PortugalDiário witnesses believed that the girl is similar to the images released by the media over the last five days. The child, according to witnesses, entered the Pingo Doce of Nelas, accompanied by a man, and then in Écomarché. Several customers who found the girl similar to the photographs published in the press and gave the alert. The individual left the establishment with the child to the pass and started up car.

After alerting authorities, the Judicial Police is already in possession of video surveillance tapes from the commercial area, not allowing journalists to view the images recorded by security system.

The possibility of small Maddie have passed through There is the matter of days in the county.

Again british car and probably british man. Peugeot? Maybe it was white Peugeot small van?

"Witnesses have come forward to say a man has been seen in a white Peugeot small van with two windows, hanging around the apartment. At one point he was parked at the back of the apartment, where Madeleine was sleeping. Another sighting was the van parked in a nearby car park. Several sightings of this man."

Police hunting for Madeleine McCann are trying to trace a man seen near her holiday apartment at the time she was snatched, Sky News can reveal.

Crime correspondent Martin Brunt said he was spotted near the flat at the Praia da Luz complex around the time the four-year-old vanished nine days ago.

"We don't know how significant it is, but there are several reports of a man hanging around the apartment on the day she disappeared or perhaps the day before," he said.

"One report suggests he was sitting in a small, white van. Police have got a good description of the man: about 5ft 8in tall, between 30 and 35, not Portuguese according to one of the witnesses, wearing a blue jacket and white trousers."

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