Sunday, August 3, 2008

2nd key sighting, on the night of Madeleine's abduction

Police are also reported to be investigating a report of a blonde woman seen near Madeleine's bedroom window on the night of her abduction. One newspaper quoted an anonymous shopkeeper who said that they had driven past the woman and startled her. "I was moving past in my car when I saw this woman next to the window," said the shopkeeper, who would not be named. "She was startled. I'm from Praia and I'm used to foreigners. I know this woman looking through the window was a foreigner.

He said woman. Yes, it is possible one of abductors was woman and maybe she wore blonde wig before an abduction in order to disguise herself. It is always possible too Jane Tanner saw woman not man. Before abduction she was blonde woman with wig and after abduction she took her wig off and was like dark man.

Something in sketch reminds me about woman.

Seems like abduction of Madeleine was very well planned, so abductors propably used all kind of ways, like wigs, to hide their real identity.

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