Monday, May 12, 2008

Playgroundman (bagman) has something special in his right wrist.

We have studied images about bald man It is very easy, just put images together, look at them very carefully and compare them.

There was better quality images in Daylife about this bald PJ detective. These images has been published before, but there is some interesting details in images, because quality is so much better.

Looks like this bald policeman has something special in his right wrist.

You can see in this playground image there is some kind of dark line in his right wrist. It is not so easy to see, but it is there.

And here in other image, it is very clear. There is something in his right wrist.

It is hard to say is it chain, scar, handicap, fold or what it is it. But if it is not chain, it must be some kind of distinctive mark to recognize him, or both.

So what we have:

He is dark-skinned, but not black
He is very bald
He is big, broad and broud-shouldered
He is overweight, he has big stomach and "tits"
His lips are thick
He has high cheekbones
He is very striking and special looking character,
He use to wear oldfashionable big t-shirts, because he is so big
He use to wear same sunglasses (or is this black sunglass-type some kind of PJ-model?)
He uses chain in his right wrest or he has a some kind of distinctive mark in his right wrest, or both.
Maybe he have had a tattoo in his arm, because there is lighter area just below his sleeve in right arm in playground image. There shouldn't be lighter area, because color of his skin is very dark.

His way to stand:

He want to hide himself and doesn't want to show his face, when he (and other man in image) noticed videocamera recording was stopped

He shouldn't be in playground image. Everyone, who is able to see, can see this bald man doesn't belong there. He is pretending tourist. Since this image has been published it has been asked: Who is this mysterious man? Why he is in image? What is he doing there? PJ has systematically tried to hide his identity, because he is PJ detective and his role was to shadow Madeleine.

Someone want to say he is just passer-by, but it is impossible, because playground is on Ocean club area and it is closed area (only entrance is reception) only for clients of Mark Warner.
So how there could be just passer-by on closed area only for clients of Mark Warner?


Yes, I think so too: Find the bald man and you will find Madeleine.


Anonymous said...

LOL he is a PJ????

Wrong! Some people say he is from English police and no one knows why he was there!

dianeh said...

So anon, you think he is an English copper, who just happened to be in PDL prior to Madeleine going missing.

And then after she goes missing he is allowed to just hang around with the PJ while they conduct their investigation. Get real. The only people who should be with the PJ during an investigation are the interpreters and the the PJ themselves.

I think there has also been photos placing this same man around the vicinity of the Joanna Cipriano case, as well. Still think he is an English copper.