Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open letter for Brian Ladd.

I publish this in my blog, because I know you don't read my message, if I send it for you.

I'm so sorry Brian

I'm so sorry I ever trusted you and send messages for you. I should have not. I thought you want to help Madeleine, but I was wrong.

You published most disgusting and awful message against Madeleine parents ever.

Congratulations, your page is now part of paedo-tom-tom, you made big service for PJ and elitepaedophilerings/childtrafficking rings behind Madeleine's abduction. You work for this beast now.

I don't ask you to remove this awful message, because you have done this before and now you did it again. On purpose. Maybe they paid for you? How much?

You have just lost your credibility. Maybe you are proud of it?

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me what has happened. I have not been on Brian's site since having to become a member! I too believed in him. What is the latest news.