Monday, May 19, 2008

Key was inside a whole egg

I think it is quite amazing, how there could be key inside a whole (raw) egg. It is miracle. Raili Salonen found it at thursday 15.5.2008. This happened in Finland.

Someway this reminds me about Madeleine-case.

Green ribbon

Key (Madeleines keyhole-eye, I think Madeleine is key in many ways, Madeleine is key to find other missing abducted children too, Joana and Madeleine are linked together)

Key also reminds key to the front door of Madeleine's apartment.

Green ribbon reminds me about these yellow and green ribbons. Woman has yellow shirt.

Green and yellow ballons was released in front of the Praia da Luz church prior a mass in Madeleine's memory at Praia da Luz beach, on May 03, 2008

Egg reminds me many things, new beginning, white, purity, bird, innocence, birth, shape of balloon. But now it reminds me about this bald man, egg-man.

What ever this key inside a egg means or even though it would mean nothing.

Still: Bald PJ-detective is key to find Madeleine.

Maybe this was some kind of satanic version (happened 16.5.2008). There was no key inside , only lizard. This happened in Australia. But it is true, all lizards are going to lose and as you sow you shall mow.

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