Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Third link between Joana and Madeleine: Paulo Pereira Cristovao

There is third link between Joana Cipriano and Madeleine-cases. (Two others are Amaral and Encarnação).


THE top cop in the Madeleine McCann case has been accused of covering up evidence that police tortured the mother of another missing girl into confessing to murder.

Leonor Cipriano later recanted her confession, but is serving 16 years’ jail for the murder of her daughter, who vanished in Portugal’s Algarve region three years ago.

The body of Joana Cipriano, 8, has never been found.

Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral, who heads the Policia Judiciaria in Portimao — the nearest town to Praia da Luz, from where Madeleine vanished — could appear before a secret criminal hearing as early as next month.

He is accused of concealing evidence over allegations that three of his colleagues tortured Cipriano, over 48 hours’ continuous interrogation, to secure a confession.

All four — and a fifth accused of fabricating evidence — deny the allegations. They say Cipriano was injured when she tried to kill herself by throwing herself down police station stairs.

Portugal’s police have faced increasing criticism of their handling of the McCann case. Cipriano was unable to pick out any assailants from among the accused officers. Sources say the prosecutor is now investigating the allegation that police paid outside thugs to beat her up.

One of the police officers accused of involvement in torture in the Cipriano case is recently retired chief inspector Paulo Pereira Cristovao.

He has been writing a daily column on the Madeleine case for a Portuguese newspaper that has been reporting sensational stories leaked by sources close to the police inquiry, some of which have later proved untrue.
He makes it clear he considers the McCanns are probably responsible for Madeleine’s death or disappearance.

Like Chief Insp Amaral, he denies all wrongdoing in the Cipriano case."

So Chief Inspector Paulo Pereira Cristovao, who writes for a Portuguese newspaper Diário de Noticias false stories about the McCann case, is alleged to have been one of the torturers in the Cipriano case. And after that he DARED to write a book about Joana Cipriano (very sensational of course, full of propaganda against Joana's mother just like these columns he has written against McCann's)

"Also book tells of the generosity and commitment of these police that behind the apparent bluntness and irony that mark their bonds of companionship, show its deep humanity." (Google-translation)

Don't know what to say when I´m reading this kind of rubbish.

And now (since December 2007) he's a HEAD of Portugal's new foundation for missing children (Portuguese Association for Missing Children)???

I don´t know what to say again.... I feel there is no justice left in Portugal, just corruption, nothing else.


Article above is very insulting and aggressive and it shows how disgusting (this is my opinion of him) guy he really is, full of lies and hate against Madeleine's parents.

I believe and I'm sure Joana's mother was a victim of terrible miscarriage of justice. PJ attacked to her to cover the truth about Joana's disappearance and Joana's mother had no chance to defend herself against this huge lynch and propaganda machine, because she is portuguese. Amaral has been accused of covering up evidence in her case. So what were these evidence Amaral covered up? Proved they Joana's mother innocence?


Amaral has changed to Rebelo, but nothing changed. They all are same stuff in PJ.

I hope somebody could help Joana's mother and saved her from jail. She has suffered all too much.

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