Friday, January 18, 2008

Hunt of supporters of McCann's

Mods and admins (Agw, JuneJohnson, Carmen, DuncanR) of Anoraks Madeleine McCann not in Malta or Morocco -thread closed this thread and they did it in very aggressive way.

Four comments from users:

anthony Says:
January 16th, 2008 at 9:11 pm

this thread is being closed down,the mods decided a while ago to close iti am sorry for the child who is missing in heluva as she will not be the last one thats why it is important to find madeline mccann,to deter others from doing what you now see,we can only wait now for something to happen in her case,its not the mods fault as the world haslost intrest in the soap opera that her case has become,i hope she is still alive somewhere in europe and she will be seen again,

with the pj and people like the mods who no longer want to know, you may never see her again i hope not,

i will not be posting here anymore as i can get no more info from this site anymore as the mods keep deleteing posts that may yeild clues,we are left with rubbish posts of no use to anyone,

when her kidnappers do make a move i and others will be watching as i can keep an eye on her case while living a normal life,i hope to go and help look for her soon as the pj are closing the case and the press no longer want to know and most have lost interest,i may find nothing and may gain a little good intel that may help me,the trail is long since gone cold and the people who took her are well dug in,all you need is a tiny chink in the dragons amour and it can be slain,just a little clue or a name or a location and and we are off the starting blocks,

i would like to thank everyone who has posted here as i thought at one point one of you may find her such was the quality of the posts and the people who posted them,thereis nothing left to do now as the mccanns and the police have tried everything,only sraw dogs can find her now,

small prayer to saint anthony patron saint of lost things that someone finds a clue and the child is found safe.

yours anthony

Isla Says:
January 17th, 2008 at 3:38 pm

Hi all

It would seem that the forum is in now it’s death throes. Anthony, as ever insightful, saw the writing on the wall. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. I had hoped it would have been sooner, that is with Madeleine being found alive.

Although I haven’t been posting due to family commitments/problems, I have followed the posts since I left the forum. I’ve been surprised by the mods approach towards a number of individuals. It seemed clear to me that a particular poster was deliberately disrupting the forum by hounding one poster after another in particular, laterly, Swissmiss. I’m sure that Anthony could clarify that for us! I’m also astonished at the mods stance in relation to libellous posts. Many individuals, in particular myself, have been cutting, pasting and posting articles from many newspapers and so on for months with no comment being made at all.

It has also been pointed out that this forum was considered to be an pro-parent forum. If that was the case was that such a bad thing? Was it such a bad thing for people to consider two people innocent until proven guilty? I think not. But more than anything was it really a
pr0-parent forum at all? It seemed to me that (mostly) everyone understood that the forum was about ‘Madeleine’, but sadly due to her plight there was very little that could be said about her at all, so it seemed natural that the forum would evolve and become a ‘finding Madeleine’ forum. In attempting to find Madeleine it was natural that the parents, their actions, their ever-changing situation would be considered because Madeleine, her disappearance and her parents are irrevocably intertwined. Many people ensured that data posted was from across the board, not just so-called pro-McCann, to acquaint everyone with all available data on the case - true/untrue - for/against. Many individuals also posted articles on other missing children/child neglect/abuse. This forum was considered to be one of the most constructive and informative ‘Madeleine’ forums of all. If there was any ‘focus’ on the parents it seemed to come from individuals, who had very little to say about Madeleine at all.

Anyway after all is said and done, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anorak for allowing me/us to post on this forum. It gave us the opportunity to discuss and debate the profound issue of a little girl’s disappearance. It enabled us to meet other like-minded people and those who were nor so like- minded. As far as I am concerned it was an education on any number of subjects from child neglect/abuse, Press/Political agenda, Policing, paedophilia, human nature, hidden agendas, missing children, conspiracy theories, human psychology and so on.

I would also like to thank the mods, in particular June, for giving her precious time, support and advice.

More than anything I would like to thank everyone who posted on his forum for sparing the time to consider a missing child.

Finally, I would like to thank a number of people, too many too mention but you’ll know who I am referring too, that restored my faith in human nature. They came from around the globe, to unite on this forum, in an attempt to keep a wee girl’s name alive and made a great attempt to find her, to establish the truth about her plight and fight for justice for her and other vulnerable children.

As this WILL be my last post on this forum! I would just like to say that on the day that Madeleine is found alive I will toast her and her family at 9pm. As I do so I will think of you all too. Maybe you will join me, wherever you may be? If she found ‘otherwise’ I will pray for her and all concerned that day (and long after) and if she is never found either way, God forbid, I will never forget her or the many decent people that I had the great privilege to ‘meet’ on this forum.

Daisy Says:
January 19th, 2008 at 8:58 am

agw (Anoraks Moderator) Says:
January 18th, 2008 at 7:31 pm

Daisy threw a flouncy fit and stalked off.
Fine. I have closed the door behind her and it may be permanent."


Sorry to disappoint you, but I CLOSED the door PERMANENTLY!!! And do you know why? I have no interest whatsoever to deal with people sitting in an ivory tower who profess one thing but act completely differently. You and Mods are just people, nothing more and nothing less, but surely behave like superior beings, in my humble opinion. Should be enough fpor everyone. I have news for you: I don’t believe in superior beings!

( And, by the way, I hadn’t realized that you apparently have a new Mod, i.e. Karen … she surely acts like one.)

AGW, I stand by what I stated yesterday or any other day!

Good Bye For Good!

Comment of Anoraks moderator: I expect this hysterical, misguided and uninformed, twaddle is more than enough for everyone.
Daisy has left the the Anorak orbit. That WILL be permanently.
An antipodean tragedy…for other sites. -agw.

jean Says:
January 19th, 2008 at 1:52 pm

I really must make a comment on the posts that are flying about here. This site was quite peaceful, going along in its own way, but along came the likes of Karen, who seemed intent on disrupting every single one of us who have posted on here for quite some time. Why on earth this site has attracted so much unpleasantness is a complete mystery to me. I have seen Chernier’s post on other sites but can’t really remember how he/she is placed. As I have said before, I can’t understand why so many people make so many nasty, uncalled for comments about the whole sorry situation. Am I missing something, or is my faith in human nature lacking in some way? I feel that the McCanns, although they did wrong in the first place by leaving their children unattended, should be given some sympathy from even the hardest of people, because, for God’s sake they have lost their beautiful daughter to God knows who, and are now paying the price. Surely that is enough for them to bear without the stupid comments that are posted on here, or is that your idea of entertainment??

To mods and admins: As far as your comment is concerned regarding 80% (published in the press no doubt!!) of the population believing the McCanns are at fault. I really think that is pie in the sky, the majority of people I speak to are in complete sympathy for the McCanns and all wish they could do something to help them find Madeleine.

(this comment was last, and it was deleted)

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