Saturday, January 31, 2009


I had this vision at 26th of November.

I rested on my sofa in the afternoon and tried to get some sleep, because I was so tired.

My eyes were closed and then I saw in front of my eyes how there was Madeleine's special eye on left side (it was like magnifying glass) and on the right side there was cross.

Then they both slided together and Madeleine's special eye straightened too when I saw them together it was like celtic cross.

At same time happened something strange, there was floor lamp behind me (there is four halogen lamps in it), and I saw how this lamp became brighter and brighter until it was very very bright and suddenly it went out. I believe that some kind of short circuit took place, because the web access broke at same time. (I noticed it afterwards)


But I don't know what was source of this vision.

I know God speaks in many different ways, but was this God's speak or was this vision from dark side, I really don't know. But I'm christian and I believe in Jesus Christ that's why I'm so confused about it.

I don't either know if this was any kind of real vision, maybe I imagined and it was coincidence there was short circuit at same time.

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